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Horse Journal Product Review December 2005


Equine Direct® continues to be innovative in our approach to providing customers with more quality products and updated services.  Our newly redesigned web site has been made more user friendly with concise nutritional information on our products, suggestions on related products, and easy ordering for quick one-stop shopping.


Please register free, on-line if you are not already a member of Equine Direct and begin to receive nutritional news, new product information and promotions & sales that we run on selected products.  You may also want to refer a friend to Equine Direct which can be done with the click of a button, located on our home page.  Equine Direct does not share our customer list with anyone else, so you will not be inundated with numerous emails!


Direct Complete™ continues to be the number one choice of all our supplements!  This summer we were pleased to announce the Direct Complete HA™ with hyaluronic acid.  This product is also a 4-in-1 product that provides all of the same benefits of the Direct Complete™ but with 100mg. of Hyaluronic acid added to its daily serving. It continues to support joint health, hoof development, a healthy coat and a probiotic for better digestion.   Please watch for our new ad in “Eventing USA” a national publication of the United States Eventing Association for special promotions on this product.


At Equine Direct we put a lot of thought into our packaging.  Our 10 lb. hinged pails makes it easier for customers to keep the integrity of their product safe from flies and the outside elements, with the zipper lock hinged lids.   However, we have had numerous comments about the amount of plastic pails that customers collect over time when using supplements.  To address this concern we now have available in our Direct Complete™, Direct Flex™ & Direct Complete HA™, 10lb. heat sealed foil pouches that customer can use alone (they are re-sealable) or use to fill existing pails for a small cost savings to our customers.  This is one step in developing more eco-friendly packaging for our environment. 


Please browse our new site, to find the products that will keep your horse looking and feeling its best!



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